Andy Stanley once stated that he "could go farther and faster with someone coaching him than he could on his own".


Take advantage of a coaching opportunity to operate more effectively in the present and the future of your ministry. We are also available for leadership, staff gathering on various topics to leadership, ministry, small businesses or your specific topic. Leadership is not to be taking lightly and for granted. God holds each leader accountable for the leadership responsibility and development. If you are ready to get serious about growing in your leadership skills and you have a desire to be successful in leading others, sign up for a leadership coaching session with Shawn Lindsey and her staff.


Shawn Lindsey has the leadership tools to perfect your leadership gift and skills and the answers you have been looking for in how to grow as a leader. You don’t have to remain stuck you can get unstuck and become an effective and courageous leader. For more information, click the contact link and a member of her her staff will get back with you immediately. 


Leadership Coaching Session Pricing: $100


Leadership Consulting Pricing: $50 per hour


First Ladies & Executive Pastor's Coaching Coming Fall 2018!